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White House invests in new health literacy program

Racial and ethnic minority populations experience health disparities. This includes higher rates of COVID-19 cases and death.

We know that health literacy is a powerful tool to bring greater health equity. That is why we are excited to see the White House invest in a new health literacy grant program.

This spring, Vice President Harris announced a $250 million grant program focused on boosting health literacy. It will help ensure underserved communities have accurate information about COVID-19 and vaccines.

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Using health literacy to promote oral health


The pandemic has touched every aspect of peoples' lives - including hte health of their teeth.

In early 2020, dental offices across the country shut down. But when most reopened a few months later, the number of dentist office visits was still 20% lower than before the pandemic.

According to a survey from the American Association of Endodontists, more than half of Americans say the COVID-19 pandemic is the reason why they have been putting off trips to the dentist offices.

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Meet our new intern

The Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership is excited to welcome a new intern on board this summer, Hannah Geressu. This is the Partnership’s fifth year having an intern through the University of Minnesota Community Health Initiative.

Hannah will work with Partnership Chair Alisha Odhiambo on creating resources to support the Health Literacy Month campaign in October.

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