Health Literacy Out Loud #58: From the Tooth’s Point of View: Communicating Serious Health Messages with Wit and Whimsy

In this latest podcast from Helen Osborne interviews Jeanette Courtad DDS, a practicing dentist. Dr. Courtad has worked with patients of all ages—from outreach programs at primary schools to now being the dentist at the Colorado School of Mines Student Health Center.

Dr. Courtad is also an artist with a lifetime of experience painting, dancing, and sculpting. She combines her artistic talents with a passion for educating children about the need for better oral hygiene in her new book, Toothful Tales: How We Survived the Sweet Attack.

In this podcast, she talks with Helen Osborne about:
Why preventive health messages are often difficult to communicate.
Ways to draw attention to your message with empathy, wit, and whimsy.
Strategies that work with children, young adults, and even parents.

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