Health Literacy for Seniors: Sharing our Success!

The Health Literacy Program for Minnesota Seniors (HeLP MN Seniors) hosted a wonderful celebration yesterday at Boutwells Landing Senior Living in Oak Park Heights, MN.  Attendees at the event represented public health, health care, health literacy, medical library, and health education leaders, as well as participants from the pilot workshops.  The HeLP MN Seniors team provided an overview of the program and also some demonstrations of workshop highlights.

That's me, sharing one of my own stories with struggling to understand instructions given to me by my doctor.

The HeLP MN Seniors workshops were developed to help older adults communicate with their health care providers and find accurate online health information.  The workshops and supporting materials are available for use by anyone interested in improving the health of older adults with good information. 

The materials are available on our website:


We hope that you will take a look at our materials and even use the program in your own community.  You are welcome to explore, use, refine, or change any of the materials to meet your specific needs.  Please let us know how you have used the program by sending us an email or responding to this blog post.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

Alisha Ellwood
Chair, Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership

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