Hi Katie!

I am so pleased that MHLP is continuing our partnership with the AmeriCorps VISTA program. Katie Swanson is our new VISTA volunteer.

Katie is a Wisconsin native, but has a special love for Minnesota since she graduated from St. Olaf College in Northfield. She most recently resided in Lakeside, Montana where she was an on-site program coordinator for Flathead Lutheran Camp.Katie is a registered nurse with experience practicing inpatient medicine. Interested in preventive care and community education, she’s excited about the diversity of opportunities the partnership will offer. She is passionate about the outdoors and has been exploring the many natural resources of Minnesota since she’s moved back. She also has extensive experience with social media tools, website maintenance and design, health communication, and graphic arts.

According to Katie, "One of the big issues affecting the health industry today is knowledge: people's ability to access and use health care, especially preventive care. Knowledge is power." We at the MHLP agree with her. I look forward to working with Katie as she helps MHLP to share our knowledge with others through social media and web-based technology. Please take a minute to respond to this blog welcoming Katie to MHLP.

Alisha Ellwood

Chair, Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership


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