Join us in promoting plain language!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Plain language is one of the strategies supporting the Minnesota Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy priority of adopting and using health literacy best practices across all verbal, written and visual communication.  Plain language is all about using simple, easy-to-understand words.  It is communication that your audience can understand the first time they hear or read it.

The Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership’s Plain Language Campaign is intended to serve as a tool for a wide range of health organizations to increase the use of plain language and improve health literacy in Minnesota.

·         The campaign includes several promotional and awareness building pieces:

o   Key messagesand talking points document

o   Business casefor plain language

o   Promotional message

o   Social Media messaging: samples of social media messaging

o   Plain Language infographic

o   Jargon Alerts:health and insurance terms that may be confusing or misunderstood with plain language alternatives and/or descriptions

o   Crossword puzzles:highlighting medical and insurance terminology and jargon

o   Plain Language presentation:a PowerPoint presentation describing key information about plain language with resources and speaker notes

All materials will be available on our website under Resources. 

We hope you will join us and other health literacy advocates in promoting plain language this October.