UPDATE: March meeting is happening! See you Wednesday, March 4th at 10:30am at the Minnesota Literacy Council.

Introducing this year’s Health Literacy Month campaign

The Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership is excited to launch this year’s campaign for Health Literacy Month! The theme for the campaign is health literacy and health equity. 

Health equity is about removing unfair differences in health status or health resources between groups of people- whether they are divided based on education, age, race, language or socioeconomic status.

Health literacy and health equity are closely linked. In fact, you can think of health literacy as the foundation to achieve health equity.

Most people are impacted by limited health literacy. But, populations most likely to experience low health literacy are also most likely to experience health disparities. This year’s campaign is about connecting these dots and providing you with helpful statistics and resources to help you achieve your health equity goals. We encourage you to check out our campaign materials here

The October edition of In the Know: Health literacy news and best practices is also available. This e-newslette covers the campaign as well as how a local organization invested in language and cultural resources.  Click here or on the icon below to access this latest edition!