Health Literacy Program for Minnesota Seniors (HeLP MN Seniors) Evidence-Based Workshop Program

“I found the workshops most interesting and helpful.  [I ] have incorporated some of the ideas … during … visits to my medical facility.  The computer sessions had lots of good sources which I have also used.  All in all a very worth-while experience.   Thank You” -- HeLP MN Seniors Workshop Participant
Welcome to the HeLP MN Seniors workshop program!  There are 36 million adults age 65 or older living in the U.S., and this population struggles with understanding and acting on health information more than any other age group.  It is critical that we help older adults effectively navigate and utilize the health care system and the information they need to stay healthy.  HeLP MN Seniors does just that – with participants reporting that they feel more empowered to ask questions and more successful in finding online health information!

Getting Started

The HeLP MN Seniors Workshop Program materials provide everything you need to conduct your own health literacy program in your community.  To start, take a look at the Program Guide which provides helpful tips to ensure program success.

Assessment & Evaluation Materials

The evidence-based workshop program was developed through the use of formal evaluation tools, with findings incorporated into the design of the workshop and evaluation materials.  Instructors wishing to customize the materials for a specific audience are encouraged to use the needs assessment focus group guiding questions and the outcomes assessment survey.

Workshop Materials

The HeLP MN Seniors workshops were developed to help older adults communicate with their health care providers and find accurate online health information.  The workshops are available for use by anyone interested in improving the health of older adults with good information.

Contact Information

We hope you find the workshop materials easy to use.  If you do have questions about the materials or the HeLP MN Seniors program, please feel free to contact us.

Chair, Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership

Attribution & Copyright Statement

HeLP MN Seniors is brought to you by the Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership and the University of Minnesota Health Sciences Libraries

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Funding Statement

Funding provided through a subcontract from the National Library of Medicine National Network of Libraries of Medicine under contract number N01-LM-6-3503.